Room, by Emma Donoghue


Publication date: 6 August 2010

Genre: Novel 

Product details :

Today I’m five. I was four last night going to sleep in Wardrobe, but when I wake up in Bed in the dark I’m changed to five, abracadabra.

Jack lives with his Ma in Room. Room has a single locked door and a skylight, and it measures eleven feet by eleven feet. Jack loves watching TV but he knows that nothing he sees on the screen is truly real – only him, Ma and the things in Room. Until the day Ma admits there is a world outside.

Devastating yet uplifting, Room is a luminous portrait of a boundless maternal love. It has sold more than two million copies, was a number one bestseller and was shortlisted for the Man Booker and Orange prizes. Few books have reached modern classic status so swiftly.

‘Room is a book to read in one sitting. When it’s over you look up: the world looks the same but you are somehow different and that feeling lingers for days’ Audrey Niffenegger

‘Absorbing, truthful and beautiful . . . it is a kind of sustained poem in praise of motherhood and parental love’ Observer


Oh what a book!! 

I can’t really explain what this book made me feel but I can tell you for sure that you have to read it. It’s like, now you see the world as it is, maybe quite unimportant, but after you’ve read the last page of this book, you will start noticing even the most unimportant and smallest things. 

I love the fact that the story is said from Jack’s perspective, a five-year -old boy who lived all his life locked in a room with his mother. 

This book made me feel so many strange emotions, to feel sorry for Ma because she was kidnapped and then raped  by the same man who kept her closed in the same room for seven years. It made me feel angry toward that man, Old Nick and compassion for Jack who is such an innocent child who feels that his whole world has been turned upside down. 

This is a must read. 


In June 2017, a local theatre from Dublin, Ireland will play a show based on this novel, so I can’t wait to go and see it. I’ve never seen the movie, as I believe that the book is always better than the movie and I don’t want to get upset about the fact that they don’t transmit the same emotions and feelings as the book did, but the play I will definitely see. 

Rate: 8/10

*Closer look* Spoiler Alert *

Jack lives with his Ma in a secured single room outbuilding containing a small kitchen, bathtub, a wardrobe, a bed and a TV set. Because it is all he has ever known, Jack believes that only Room and the things it contains, including himself and Ma, are real. Ma, unwilling to disappoint him with a life she cannot give him, allows Jack to believe that the rest of the world exists only on television. Ma tries her best to keep Jack healthy and happy and strict body and oral hygiene. The only other person Jack has ever seen is Old Nick, who visits Room at night while Jack sleeps hidden in a wardrobe. Old Jack brings them food and necessities. Jack is unaware  that Old Nick kidnapped Ma when she was nineteen years old and has kept her imprisoned for the past seven years; Jack is the product of Old Nick’s rape of Ma.

A week after Jack’s fifth birthday, Ma learns Old Nick has been unemployed for the past six months and is in danger of losing his home to foreclosure. Feeling certain that Old Nick would kill them both before letting them free, Ma comes up with a plan to get Jack out of Room by convincing Old Nick that Jack is deathly ill. Jack is confused by the concept of leaving Room and interacting with other people, but Ma eventually convinces him to help her. When Old Nick refuses to take Jack to a hospital, Ma then pretends that Jack has died. Old Nick removes Jack, wrapped in a rug, from Room. Jack escaped Old Nick and manages to reach a friendly stranger, who contacts the police. In spite of his fear, confusion and inability to communicate effectively, Jack directs the police to the Room to free Ma.

They are taken to a mental hospital, where they receive medical evaluations and a temporary home. Old Nick is found and faces numerous charges of abduction, rape and child endangerment that will likely lead to twenty-five years to life in jail. While in the hospital, Ma is reunited with her family and begins to relearn how to interact with the larger world, while Jack, overwhelmed by new experiences and people, only wants to return to the safety of the Room. Meanwhile, the case has attracted much attention from the public and the mass media, making it even harder for Jack and his mother to start leading a new life. After a television interview that ends badly, Ma suffers a mental breakdown and attempts suicide. Jack goes to live with his mother grandmother and her new partner for several days. Without the security of his mother nearby, Jack becomes even more confused by his surroundings, including his new extended family. 

After Ma recovers, she and Jack move into an independent living residence, where they begin making plans for their futures. Jack becomes more conflicted and frightened by his mother’s growing independence and his desire to keep her for himself. At the same time, Jack himself is growing and changing as his world expands. Finally Jack requests to visit Room. He and Ma return to the scene of their captivity, but Jack no longer feels any emotional attachment toward it and is able to say his goodbyes before he and Ma leave Room for the final time. 

The end!

I hope you liked my review and you will come back for the next ones!



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