My name is Giorgiana Mailat, I am 23 years old and I live in Ireland.

I started this blog for two reasons. First one is to share with everyone my thoughts about every book that I ever read or that I intend to read. And the second is to fulfill or to work on my dream: writing.
I know that I am not an expert, but I’m sure that with a lot of work and exercise, I will become what I dream.


1-3: I didn’t like it!

4-5: Still no, but there was at least one interesting thing.

6-7: It was good but it could have been better! 

8-9: I really enjoyed it! 

10: Mind-blowing 

*For Authors *

For further collaboration between us, please send me an email with you request and book description and I will respond to you as soon as I will get the chance. Also, I know that many of you prefer to send the EPUB copy of the book, but if there is the slightest chance to send me the paperback copy of it, I would really appreciate it ( I have really bad eyes and despite the fact that I wear eyeglasses, I found it difficult for me to read it on my phone; it takes longer than I like to) 

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you will find it interesting!


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Email: Giorgiana.mailat@gmail.com


29 thoughts on “About

  1. wordsfromjohn

    Hello Giorgiana: Thanks for liking my blog post again. Sorry to be a little low in responding. It’s always nice to connect with other reader/writers. I’ll read your reviews with interest, and good luck with your dream to write. x

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  2. A good reader makes a good writer, Giorginia! You are on the right track! I wish that your dream comes true very soon. I will love to read your book…any genre..just write and publish..all the very best!

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  4. I’m the author of many Romance Survive & Thrive books written with love, humor, amd some have therapy dogs to the rescue. Since you visited my blog, you know I was an actor for many years prior to becoming a writer. Best wishes, my new friend. You will blossom by reading books, mine included, to learn more about the craft.

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